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3 Essential Factors of a Successful Brand


Your brand is more than your company name and logo design. Your brand is who you are, and what you promise to deliver to your customers. A successful brand is recognizable and synonymous with good things. There are many successful brands in existence, ones that are recognized around the world.

It’s not easy getting to a Coca-Cola level of brand recognition, but it’s possible. There are a few key elements you should consider when trying to build your brand.

Find Your Audience
Step one of building your brand is finding your target audience. Are you business to consumer (B2C)? If so, your target audience will be the individuals who will want to buy your product. If you’re business to business (B2B), then it’s still relatively the same concept, but a bit more complex. In B2B, you’re not only looking at which companies will buy from you but also who in the company will buy from you. Is your product something that office managers will buy? Purchasing managers? A team of purchasing managers? You could target your product to one of them, or all of them. So you’ll need to figure out who your target audience is and direct your brand to focus on those people.

Create a Brand Promise
Your brand promise is what people should expect when they use your product, and it speaks directly to your target audience. This task shouldn’t be taken lightly, because you want to keep good on the promises you make but you don’t want to undersell your product. If you were to brand water, you wouldn’t say “It makes you feel amazing all the time,” but you also wouldn’t say “It replenishes your body’s fluids.” You need to find that deliverable statement that’s somewhere in the middle (unless your magic water really does make people feel amazing all the time).

What Do You Want People to Think?
Brand perception is key. It’s essentially what people think about your brand, which translates heavily into success. Knowing what people think about your brand, and what you want them to think, will help you figure out a clear brand strategy.

With branding, comes marketing and the need for web design, search engine optimization, and advertising content. You may create videos for your vlog, but 81% of marketers optimize their social videos for mobile according to a 2017 report. Your branding will rest on your ability to market, so find a marketing agency who can ensure your brand is launched successfully.

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