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Why Social Media shouldn’t be at the center of your marketing campaign

This Monday, a massive outage shook Facebook and its family of apps, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Thus affecting the more than 3.5 billion people around the world who use them to communicate and expand their businesses. This event made it evident that relying solely on social media for your business marketing strategy is a recipe for disaster. Here are some reasons why social media ALONE shouldn’t be at the center of your business strategy.

You don’t own the platform

Facebook and its other apps have certain terms and conditions that can affect your access to the platforms and they can change anything, anytime. Not having the ability to control the platform and do something about it, caused many to panic and stress, especially if you relied on social media as your only source for communication.

Your organic reach will continue to die

If you are not Mark Zuckerberg, then chances are you’ll be a victim of the upcoming trends for driving engagement. The uncertainty on what the algorithm will be crazy about next is huge. It seems that to increase reach, more money must be spent on promoted posts. This is an easy move for the big companies, but what about the small startups? As more and more users fill up social media, paying for likes or views doesn’t guarantee new customers.

Gone are the days when you could post something on your Facebook business page, and your audience will see it. You invested effort, time, and money to build an audience, and now you have to pay Facebook again (boost it) if you want that same audience to see any of your posts.

What to do

To avoid going crazy by another social media platform outage or their over-saturation and skyrocketing advertising costs, it is best to distribute your digital marketing strategy and use the tons of other channels that exist. The best plan is to make sure your website (your own platform) is the center of your marketing funnel; with the proper SEO campaign, it will be easier to drive customers to visit your site when they are actively searching for what you offer.

Social media is still helpful in creating brand awareness, thus bringing clients to your website as a complementary tool. Still, if tomorrow they price you out of your audience, you can flip the switch, continue receiving visitors from other channels and keep your business thriving. Also, building an email list while maintaining a social media presence will save you from being a hostage of any individual platform.

This outage taught us a lesson that will make or break your business; don’t depend on just social media for all your marketing efforts. Instead, it’s time to pair it with other marketing strategies that give you more control, own your audience and stop renting it from a particular social media platform.

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