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What’s in a New Logo?

A New Logo can invigorate a company’s image or squander its brand equity. To see which gambles paid off, Fortune turned to a few experts to judge some of the most dramatic transformations.

Apple – A Chic Redesign


Talk about a makeover.

Just imagine what an iBook or iPhone would look like with this image on it: definitely not as chic.
Ronald Wayne designed Apple’s original logo in 1976 when the company was still operating out of a garage.

It shows Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree with an apple dangling precariously above his head.

Rob Janoff used the same apple in his redesign a year later.

“You can almost feel the ’70s and ’80s taking place when you take a look at that rainbow apple,” says Bill Gardner, principal of Gardner Design.

Apple dropped the multi-colored logo in 1998 for a monochromatic version, produced in every color imaginable, until transitioning it to today’s popular shade of chrome.



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Published by Yahoo Finance

by Blake Ellis and Josh Glasser
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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