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What Constitutes an Effective Web Design? Here are Two Key Inputs.

Responsive Web DesignIn a previous post we looked about a common challenge facing small business owners today:Effective Web Design. They’re so busy building out their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, they’re neglecting their Web site design.

As website designers in Miami, we at Ibis can ensure that your Web design is thoroughly modern and fully integrated with your social media strategy. And here are two specific ways in which we’ll do it.

First, we make sure customers can easily communicate with you. This sounds obvious, but we all have stories in which we try to find a company’s phone number and get nowhere. Therefore, this involves not only a blatant “Contact Us” prompt on the navigation bar, but also utilizing tools lie instant chat and links to social media platforms because believe it or not, some people would rather Facebook you than call you on the phone.)

We’ll also make sure your site is “responsive,” meaning that it can be easily read across any platform, especially mobile devices. After all, most users surf the Web on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones; what looks good on a PC doesn’t look good on a mobile device.