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Welcome to our new client: Personalized Genetic Testing

Adverse drug reactions are one of the four leading causes of death in the U.S., with 1 out of 5 people experiencing injuries or fatalities. That is why tailor-made healthcare is an invaluable service to physicians and patients. Knowledge of a patient’s DNA allows doctors to prevent, predict, and customize their services to the specific needs of patients and also reduce the risks of potential negative side effects triggered by medicines and treatments. That is what our new client, Personalized Genetic Testing, is here to do.

Who they are

Personalized Genetic Testing was founded by Irina Borodowsky, a Medical Technologist with five Florida licenses (Molecular Pathologist, Chemistry, Immunology/Serology, Blood Bank, and Hematology) and over 20 years of experience in biotech, pharma, chemistry, and other fields. They have a great staff of medical technologists and scientific consultants that help serve clients with customized healthcare and laboratory services. Together they strive to contribute to the welfare of the healthcare system through the numerous benefits made available by their laboratory technology.

What they do

Personalized Genetic Testing uses effective and highly convenient ways of collecting DNA from a patient, to provide better information and determine the best medicines and treatments for each individual. Their services include Covid-19 testing, DNA testing, genetic testing for inherited cardiovascular diseases, hereditary cancer screening, nutrigenomics diet reports, and other pharmacogenetic testings as well as customized healthcare for patients. Using the latest technologies their process is 3 times faster than other laboratories’ analysis methods.

What we do

Studies show that online visitors wait an average of 4 to 20 seconds for a page to load. Therefore, it’s important for any website to appear in the search results near the top. At Ibis Studio we’ll be providing our new client, Personalized Genetic Testing with our SEO Campaign services. The proper SEO will help increase the amount of organic traffic to their page, hence making Personalized Genetic Testing rank higher for relevant terms related to their services. This will boost their sales with more prospective buyers looking for tailor-made healthcare services.

Once again, we are excited to keep growing with new clients that believe in our work. We hope to exceed their expectations with amazing results and great customer service from everyone on our team. Welcome Personalized Genetic Testing!

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