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Welcome to our new client Click On Lab – Mobile Laboratory

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the entire world, many healthcare institutions and companies have needed to adapt their businesses in innovative ways. Click On Lab is the perfect example of flexibility within the pandemic, as they have responded to Coronavirus through the creation of a mobile laboratory service for fast, reliable, and scalable testing options. These laboratories are designed in a transport vehicle and are equipped with all the necessary instruments such as microscopes, incubators, refrigerators, and other laboratory supplies.

Who they are

Click on Mobile is a mobile laboratory platform ideal for fast clinical diagnostic services. They deliver on-site clinical laboratory analysis and provide rapid response options for potential outbreaks and emergencies. Their services are also great for areas where no infrastructure exists, including during emergency situations and natural disasters. They offer services such as sampling and analysis that range from big companies to small groups. There are multiple benefits that come from a mobile lab including; quick and cost-effective laboratory services for medical facilities, helps medical facilities address over capacity constraints such as overflow and backlog issues that have occurred during the current COVID-19 outbreak, provides bridge services during constructions or renovation of your laboratory facility, and more. Click On Lab has a team of clinical laboratory specialists, with extended knowledge in the clinical laboratory field.

What we do

In recent years the demands of mobile labs have increased due to factors such as hospital contamination, clearance after restoration projects, natural catastrophic responses, etc. Therefore at Ibis Studio, we are ready to go above and beyond with SEO services and digital marketing services that will make Click On Lab stand out from the rest by reaching top rankings on the internet. Our job is to improve their visibility within the community, improve their credibility, and last but not least bring a high ROI. Welcome to the family Click On Lab!