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These are the 8 components that go into your SEO campaign (Part 1)


An SEO campaign is the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings. This effort is made up of several components, each one playing an important role to create effective campaign results, making your website rank high, and attracting customers. So, what exactly goes into an SEO campaign? Keep reading to discover!

1. Keyword Research

When you look for something in Google or other search engines what is the first thing you do? You type a word or phrase that describes the inquiry you need. That is why the first step when it comes to your SEO campaign is to rank for the right keywords in order to drive traffic, raise brand awareness, attract users, and convert sales. All of this starts with extensive keyword research, which includes things such as search intent, current rankings, keyword variations, and more.

2. On-Page Optimization

This component is all about optimizing your website to make it appealing to search engines and users. On-page optimization is basically everything you see when you visit a website including content, images, title tags, meta tags, etc. It’s important to monitor on-page optimization and keep up with it as new pages or items are added.

3. Content

Content is extremely important in SEO. It basically binds other elements as it is where target keywords live. Content helps acquire links, drives traffic, and engages users. Most people think about blogs or articles, but content can come in many different forms like videos and infographics. Creating content is a delicate thing as inaccurate, uninformative, or spammy content can end up hurting you. Quality content will have a lasting impact on your SEO campaign.

4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything that keeps your website running. It deals with page speed, hosting, indexing, crawling, and more. Without good technical SEO, none of the rest really matters. Imagine you have the best content, but if your website runs slow or crashes no one will be able to see it or enjoy it. Technical SEO is what makes search engine spiders crawl and index your site to help improve organic rankings.

These are just some of the components that take place when creating an SEO campaign. Keep in mind that having the right campaign will help your business grow online. Stay in tune for part 2 and contact us to learn more!

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