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The Role of Instagram

Current State of Web DesignInstagram is a unique way of thinking about social media because you cannot deliver content in the same way as other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The Role of Instagram should not be a platform that is overlooked, though, while trying to market your brand. It is clear that Instagram has become very popular – people respond to images and enjoy looking at images. This is a great basis to try to grow brand loyalty. Start an Instagram account for your business and get out there. Post photos that represent who you are as a company. If you are a product company, post photos of your products that are shot in interesting ways. If you are a services company, take pictures of the benefit of your services or even of random images that relate to your brand. Take photos of customers, events, clients – you get the idea. Then a good way to get followers is to first start following other users (so hopefully they will follow you back) and also to hashtag your images so they are filtered into larger groups of photos. This way your company name will get more exposure and intrigue users to start following. Eventually you will start to grow a network of users who are following your brand which will ideally bring them to your website to find out more about your company. Think your website needs a facelift as well with all this new potential traffic? Reach out to web designers to get the process started.