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The New and Improved 2020 Digital Marketing Strategies

The 2020 year has created major changes for every industry. Prior to this year, business owners felt they had a handle on the marketing world. Now, the rules are different and business owners are in need to understand the new layout of marketing. These are the updated strategies to digital marketing in 2020.

​SEO is Shining Brighter than Ever

Due to the changes of 2020, converting marketing strategies to a digital platform is a mandatory procedure. This includes investing in social media platforms, email, and SEO strategies. Keeping a customer’s engagement can snap in the blink of an eye. To hold on to that engagement, creating infographics will give customers the information they need about the business and further pique their interest to move forward. When a potential customer is searching for a specific product, businesses must make it quick and easy for the customer to find them on a search engine. Revaluate the current SEO strategy and push for the business to hit a higher ranking in searches.

Create ​Emails Your Customers Cannot Wait to Open

Email marketing may appear bland. When done correctly, it becomes a great source for increased engagement. The rules to excellent email marketing are simple. Ensure the call to action stands out. Remain on topic with the products and services the business provides. Tailor the design and content to the customers the business wants to reach. Incorporate clickable images and use plenty of spacing. Write a light and fun subject line that will make them want to open the email. The most important rule is to keep it simple. All these design tips are useful for a business, but they should always remember to stick to their branding and what they want their message to be for their customers.

​Dive Deeper and Connect More on Social Media

​​Social media platforms have reached an all-time high in 2020. The numbers will only grow and businesses should take this chance to either enter or update their social media marketing strategies. Businesses have to study the social platforms and cater their plan per platform. Create content not only about the products but about the company and the employees. Social media places businesses on a personal level with their customers. Rather than telling them they should purchase this product, talk to them about it, and engage in their interests. Automating posting has to be managed reasonably. Schedule posts for the future with the flexibility to adjust when necessary.


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