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The Advantages of combining SEO and PR Services


With the combination of social media integrated into our everyday lives and digital communications changing quickly, it is no surprise that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PR Services have gone through a far-reaching transformation. To the advantage of countless brands and businesses, PR and SEO have now joined forces as a result of these changes.

Benefits Of Using Both Services

The combination of SEO and Public Relations is an explosive force since both teams can work together with shared objectives, goals, and vision. Let’s take a closer look at how these different teams can work in synergy to help each other reach the same business goal:

Link Building

Through earned coverages like non-paid stories and press releases, Public Relation companies create strong backlinks. But frequently, since the PR side does not necessarily have a powerful grasp of SEO, those links are not optimized so they can achieve the top possible impact.

SEO helps select links that have keywords that need a ranking boost and they can also ensure PR is drawing the right URL to link to.

Sharing and Boosting Content

Generating unique, valuable content is not easy work. And both PR and SEO companies do a very good job for different audiences. But when these two teams work together, they can make that relevant content work even harder by sharing and repurposing content that has already been created.

Example: If an SEO team creates an infographic for a 3rd party influencer or brand, they’ll often agree that you can repurpose it as long as you link back to them. The Public Relations team can then pitch that infographic to their sources, which creates more links for the SEO team, and allows the PR team to have an easy win with content placement.

These combined efforts allow both PR firms and SEO companies to influence more KPIs. (Meaning they can easily see how activities are impacting each segment of the business).


Public Relations teams are not trained on how online media can have an impact on SEO and keyword rankings. Before SEO companies dive in with their requests, they need to teach these PR firms about the hows and whys.

This could easily be done through brief sessions over a few weeks and should also incorporate data about how they will benefit from the relationship.

Upgraded Influencer Outreach

SEO and PR must work hand in hand in order to define, evaluate, and reach out to influencers. By partnering up, both companies can secure fix future influencer relationships.

PR firms have media lists. A PR pro’s list will be likely to consider the outlet’s beat, educational angle, as well as reporters. SEO companies, on the other hand, have lists of blog targets and external websites. An SEO firm’s list will take a more complex look at the page rank, unique visitors, or Alexa rank of a website.

For a productive partnership, PR can focus on reaching out to mass media outlets, and the SEO team can focus on reaching out to high-level bloggers. They can also use their lists to divide and conquer–doubling down on influencer outreach.

Working Together

When SEO and PR companies work together, they can achieve tremendous results for not only marketing but a brand reputation as well. Ask yourself, are both your teams working separately? If the answer is yes, contemplate bringing them together in order to appreciate the benefits of their experiences and efforts. Keep in mind that combining these types of collaborations can gain you an advantage in the competition.

At the end of the day, PR can almost replace Social Media Management, because a big part of its work is distributed in those channels, but without an appropriate SEO campaign, you will have very little influence in Search Engine Rankings. So try using Public Relations and SEO as part of a comprehensive brand communications strategy to gain new clients, and watch your business flourish.