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The 3 Most Common SEO Myths

The world of digital marketing is one of constant change and evolution. Trends come and go, and because of this, it’s important to be on top of what is currently working for the market. Practicing or using trends that are long gone can hurt your SEO campaign. Let’s dive into the most common SEO myths and focus the attention on where the effort will bring results.

1. Links outweigh content

Links are an important part of SEO strategies, however, they are not the most important factor. They help increase your ranking power and add trustworthiness to your site but only if they are relevant and reputable. Link building needs to go in hand with creating quality content if not users will bounce. This is a great example of quantity over quality, as a few quality links will generate more traffic than plenty of mediocre ones.

2. Ranking should be your # 1 goal

Yes, ranking is important but being on the first page of Google doesn’t guarantee more ROI or traffic. There are other things to consider as well, such as dark social channels. Reports from research back in 2016 and 2019 show that 34.85% of desktop searches and 65.10% of mobile searches don’t end with a click. A lot of social sharing happens in dark social such as email and text. At the end of the day what compels people to share something directly and to click on a text is the content and relevance of the service in regards to the audience’s needs.

3. Use keyword phrases verbatim

Search engines are smart, and they can anticipate what someone’s search means. Therefore keywords don’t necessarily have to be exact. A good idea is to consider how your audience might ask a question. Instead of focusing on an exact phrase, switch to creating quality content with keywords that resemble a natural connection. SEO is more than just generating traffic, it’s about providing a quality user experience.

The best way to learn new SEO trends and avoid outdated ones is by hiring or working with a digital marketing agency that knows all the dos and don’ts about this. SEO can be tricky and can have reverse results if there is only a reaction and no strategy or research behind it. Contact us to learn more!

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