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Terrifying Warnings Your Website Requires a New Design

Woman scared of image on computer

Wondering if your website is in need of a redesign is similar to asking yourself if your house is haunted. Between the two situations, there are signs to affirm your beliefs and help you justify bringing in outside forces to fix the ghastly problem. Your spooky predicament does not have to display every red flag, but showing a few is enough to demand assistance. 

The Most Obvious Signs Occur Right Before Your Eyes

If an apparition walks in front of you before disappearing into a wall, you can assume your house is haunted. Signs that show your website needs an upgrade can be as straightforward. One warning is whether you are struggling with editing content. Older websites were not built on the newest tools, thereby adding difficulty updating information. A second warning is when your website no longer reflects your brand anymore. Companies change over the years, and websites should change with them. Other warnings include longer loading time, poor user experience, and not mobile friendly.

Ghosts Repel Visitors, Archaic Websites Repel Customers

Traffic to your website means more users are visiting, and more users leads to customers purchasing your products. However, an obsolete and horrid website can slow down traffic and scare away customers faster than any supernatural creature. Your website design impacts how it ranks in search engines. Loading time and massive graphics are factors to users leaving your website in less than three seconds. Poor user experience on your website also frightens potential customers away. In the limited time you catch a user’s attention, you need to show them your website does not harbor any ghosts.

Receiving a Lawsuit is as Chilling as an Unhappy Haunt

By ignoring the spiritual being lurking in the shadows, you believe no issues will arise. That is until the ghost causes mayhem and forces you to dig yourself out of a deeper hole than before. If you do not upgrade your website, then someone will enforce it. There are laws dictating how websites are designed. In recent years, accessibility lawsuits increased due to websites not working for all types of users. You are leaving out a huge portion of potential customers when your website is inaccessible to them. For brands in the European market, the European Union mandates your website must comply with cookie compliance laws. During your redesign, ensure your website is legal and accessible to everyone.

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