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SEO Company Insights on Increasing Organic Traffic

If you’ve been looking for ways to attract new customers to your business, having a website with good organic traffic is a good starting point. Visiting customers are likely to purchase your services or products. However, generating good organic flow to a website is one uphill task many businesses dread. First, there’s the need to ensure your website ranks in the top pages, as 60% of all organic clicks occur on the top three search results. However, it doesn’t mean that your website won’t attract organic traffic if your website isn’t ranking among the top search results. On the contrary, you can attract plenty of organic traffic without ranking your website. Let’s look at strategies SEO company professionals use to increase organic traffic that can convert to actual customers.

Leverage Latent Semantic Indexing

With the ever-changing Google algorithms, there’s no one way to implement search engine optimization (SEO). Sometimes using too many keywords is deemed as keyword stuffing, which draws penalties. Using LSI helps identify patterns and determine the value of keywords appearing on the web page content.

Google usually crawls web pages to identify common keywords and phrases, while LSI looks for closely-related words relevant to the page’s title. For example, if the title of one of your blogs is ‘how to get more new customers,’ the search engine looks for related keywords for that topic. As such, phrases like ‘attract new customers’ or ‘gain more clients’ prevents you from repeating the same keyword and reduces the chances of getting your website penalized.

Look for Authoritative Websites Offering to Sponsor Content

This strategy is effective when trying to rank a website for highly competitive keywords. For a small business with a newly created website, the likelihood of developing authority to use such keywords is close to zero. A surefire way of using such keywords is to look for authoritative sites in a similar niche that offer to sponsor their content.

You could be selling a new app to help customers find doctors around them. However, selling the product could be difficult because potential customers don’t know you exist. Also, ranking for a related keyword like ‘find a doctor near me’ is challenging because authoritative websites dominate the keyword.

SEO companies, such as SEO services Miami trusts, will still develop content around the subject, but it could take years to rank. Finding authoritative websites sponsoring content should help increase visibility and generate more traffic to your website. This means tagging content with backlinks to your website and a CTA.

Use Long-Tail Keyword Variations

Most content developers believe popular keywords are the best for search engine marketing and to increase organic traffic to a website. While this is true, popular keywords are competitive and are likely to be dominated by authoritative websites. The solution is to use long-tail keywords.

70% of search queries comprise long-tail keywords. Note that your website will not improve rank immediately, but it’ll rank for related keywords that the SEO company didn’t even optimize in time.

Track Search Engine Result Pages

If you’ve set up an e-commerce store, the SEO company is likely to monitor SERP results to analyze your competition. SERPs for e-commerce stores are brutally competitive given the huge online presence of brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy, among others. For example, Amazon makes 40% of online retail sales, and this figure is growing by the day. Instead of competing with such large online websites, you can leverage their online presence to market your website.

There are a number of regulations and fees that come with this strategy, but you can use the website as a customer acquisition channel. Amazon is an excellent website that doubles as a marketing engine, and you can use it to acquire customers and optimize the benefits to recover lost upfront sales.

Post Blogs Regularly

An SEO company Miami or any other city trusts will ensure you that blog posting is the most effective way of increasing organic traffic to your small website. Blogs provide more information about the company’s products or services while creating a large catalog of persona-optimized content.

These are just a few strategies an SEO company would use to increase organic traffic to convert to actual customers. These strategies are effective even when your website doesn’t rank on top search engine results, so get to work on increasing your organic traffic today.

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