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Google's search pageReportedly, Bing has been caught “stealing” the results that appear on Google’s search page.

They’ve used these results in their own algorithm to essentially copy what Google is doing. Google is still the Big Dog and light years ahead of the other search engines. Bing knows and admits as much. And, they don’t deny they’ve copied some (but not all) of Google’s search results, because…they can’t! Google planted several fabricated nonsensical search results deep in their huge database. If the fabricated results could be duplicated on Bing’s search engine, there could be no denying that Bing was scraping google’s search page results. And that’s exactly what happened.

It will be interesting to see if Google pursues any action against Bing. Regardless, we continue to recommend focusing all SEO efforts on Google. Even after the Bing/Yahoo search results merger, Google still accounts for 85% of search. The SEO results you achieve with Google will more than likely be mimicked in Yahoo and Bing.

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