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What Is Retargeting or Remarketing?


41_20140324_0221802-2-2There are many forms of PPC ad online marketing. From different ad networks to different types of ads, each style or type of marketing aims to achieve the goal of improving your traffic and conversion rate in a different matter. One of the most effective types is remarketing, also called retargeting.

Have you ever searched for a particular type of shoe or décor item for your home, and then everywhere you look online, there are now advertisements for this product or the store at which you browsed? This is remarketing at its finest. The product you are interested in is RE-marketed to you through an ad network like Google AdWords.

This is an extremely beneficial method of online marketing for many organizations. Instead of simply posting ads out there at a general pool of potential customers, the company can deliver the ad to someone who they know has an interest in a particular type of product. The advertiser is not wasting time, money and effort delivering ads to customers who have do not have any knowledge or interest in the product. The ad is displayed to a customer who has the characteristics of someone who will make a purchase.

Put simply, remarketing is an important type of PPC campaign. However, for the best results, this is not the only type of campaign an organization will run. Ideally, it will be used along with SEO or with more traditional PPC ads. So this means that the remarketing campaign can bring buyers who are interested back to the store, while the traditional ads will attract new customers and build the potential client base. With this mix of ads, any business should be able to see growth and an explosion in sales.

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