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The Oak Manor

This idyllic enclave is located in the heart of Florida, close to important touristic centers like Orlando and Cocoa, but away from the crowd. The company managing the venue has already a long trajectory in the events business. Aside from the typical events and conventions, they found in their clients the need to create a place where they can make those events an unforgettable celebration of life.

The Oak Manor is a secluded estate surrounded by native forests. Its landings include horse stables, a picturesque lagoon, and hidden trails. The main house has been reinvented to accommodate overnight guests, indoor celebrations, and dinners.

Strategy & Result

To reflect the character of the place, they reached Ibis Studio to project and develop their business identity and online presence. After an exhaustive brain-storming, our team delivered an image that tells the story by itself. Along with the company image, we designed the website with a country style. The earthy tones, images, and typography were meticulously selected to conceive an engaging site.

The result surpassed expectations, having a fully-booked season as soon as the website was launched.