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South Bay Group


South Bay Group is dedicated to providing responsive solutions in different real estate areas: from architecture and design to development and construction. South Bay Group offered Ibis Studio the challenge of updating their image and online presence to help current clients have a better understanding of the services they provide and attract prospects interested in development.

Strategy & Result

The team at Ibis Studio looked through the company’s existing site and examined the trends of the market to establish the new perspective of the brand. At its core, the company offers tailored services that accommodate their selected clientele but this aspect wasn’t clearly visible on their previous website.

Ibis developed a wide, airy, minimalist website, showcasing the lifestyle that visitors are looking for, and the projects the company has successfully completed. The result was higher traffic, longer visitor engagement, bigger content consumption and an overall improvement in the company’s image with positive feedback from clients, and satisfaction from the Group’s members who later commissioned Ibis the redesign of their Real Estate branch’s website.