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Little Creators


Little Creators Pre-School philosophies are based on the ideas that children can grow cognitively and socially through art, music, physical education and vocal expression. Little Creators have created a comprehensive preschool program with developmentally appropriate activities that aid children in the experience of learning, and the development process into well-rounded individuals who are curious, creative and competent. This preschool is filled with educators who understand the value of child development. They firmly believe that giving children opportunities to play has as much educational value as an actual structured teaching and that achieving a balance produces a level of child development unparalleled.

Little Creators developed a program that encourages natural interactions between children and their environment that teaches the children how to interact with peers, makes good decisions, chooses information and experiment with their environment. Little Creators pride themselves on their outstanding level of communication between the children, the educators, and the children’s parents making sure that at no point no child is left behind. Little Creators’ principal goal is to give your child the best possible opportunity for a successful start in school.

The Solution

In need of several online services, Little Creators came to Ibis Studio looking to fulfill those needs. Ibis Studio then went on to develop the website design which included the innovative Mobile Responsive system, as well as full content development, and a content management system allowing The School personnel to update their content whenever needed with a very easy to use interface.