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Human Error Solutions

We all make mistakes, we are humans. But when it’s about business, it is essential to reduce the human error through an optimization of the environment, a quality organization, and constant training. That is why Human Error Solutions is in the market, to optimize the best of companies’ resources.

Human Error Solutions required projecting their already well-known professionalism and reliability into the web, to create a massive national campaign for their new training programs. They reached IBIS to engage in this venture together.

A Combination of Effective Strategies

Together, we drafted a year-round campaign through different channels. We re-structured and refreshed their online presence, engaged into an active social media strategy, launched a bold email marketing campaign focused on promoting the courses scattered throughout the Nation, and with our CMR tools, we tracked every single variation of receptiveness to optimize the results.

The Results

The volume of receptors increased drastically, creating a synergy (or “snowball”) that led to new subscribers for the courses, and new companies requesting their services to improve the effectiveness of their business.

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