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C&S Paint

C&S Paint & Wallpaper, Inc. has provided painting and restoration services for over 20 years throughout South Florida. C&S Paint specializes in corporate, industrial, and residential high rise paint and restoration projects. With a huge variety of clients ranging from contractors to private projects to architects and many more; C&S Paint caters to the the service requirements in the industrial and commercial sectors.

C&S Paint’s success is attributed to long lasting relationships with their clients by providing great service, recommendations on job issues, reliability, dependability, and timely job completion, while staying in budget. C&S Paint strongly believes that client relationship is everything. The company has extended their services to other counties in Florida. They prides themselves in not only quality, but repetitive business from their clientele.

C&S were looking for the right creative agency to guide them in the development of a high quality website with an integrated mobile responsive system that could help match the level of excellence that they pride themselves in.

The Solution

Ibis Studio developed and created the website design for C&S Paint which included an up to date mobile responsive site that allows their customers to access the website efficiently and without any hassles no matter what platform or device their visitors use to access the website.

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