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Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to clean up your website 

It is very common for people to do regular home maintenance, office renovations, seasonal cleanings, or decluttering, but what about refreshing and reviving your business’s website? This is also important as your website is your business’s online facade, and its impression and look can either attract or repel potential customers. Think about this, does your website accurately display your company’s character, personality, or culture, is it up to date? If the answer is no, keep reading to find some simple and effective ways to clean up your website.

Refresh and update website’s look

Just like your home, office, or even yourself, your business also goes through changes. This doesn’t have to be major alterations, most of the time the frequency of these changes is attributed to the preferences of a business’s audience and the industry it is in. Look at your competitors’ websites, research new trends in your industry, and have a social listening audit from time to time to see how your audience is evolving. Also, consider how your business is changing internally, perhaps you are adding a new service or restructuring it in some new way. It’s important to refresh and update your website’s layout, typography, and color scheme, to match your business’s current look. Also, consider refreshing an outdated company logo and adding new photos along with updated content.

Test out the website’s usability

A website that is not attractive and easy to navigate will make visitors leave quickly. This is also true for mobile versions. On the other hand, a website that looks nice and is easy to navigate increases the time visitors spend on the website, thus increasing their chance of converting to potential customers.

Update content and information

A website that has old and incorrect information lacks authority and quality. Ask yourself these questions, how long has it been since your last uploaded a new blog post? Are the company contact information and team profiles up to date? Does the content still embody your company’s mission? Consider adding regular blog posts to your site, this fresh content can catch the attention of search engines and generate the interest of customers. Go back to old posts to find blogs that can link to important products, services, or pages. You can even update blog posts with current information that is helpful to your readers. If your website is used for e-commerce, make sure the description for each product is correct and updated, and check to see if you’re displaying current inventory.

Check for broken links Make sure the links work, as broken links can lower your business’s credibility. If the internal and external links direct to pages that no longer exist, your SEO and online visibility can suffer. Checking links on your website should be done frequently and regularly. Some helpful tools to do this include Screaming Frog, and Check My Links.

Now is a great time to clean up or update your website to ensure that it functions correctly, is easy to navigate, and has content that is accurate and current. When updating a website it’s a good idea to work with a professional website designer or a digital marketing agency with professional developers, content, and SEO specialists, that will know what is best for your website. Whether you’re undergoing a major re-branding or simply want to make a few minor tweaks and improvements, our team at Ibis Studio is here to help.

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