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How Does the Miracle Mile Streetscape Construction Affect Coral Gables Businesses

Coral Gables Businesses

In early 2016, construction on the Miracle Mile streetscape began, providing Coral Gables with a new look and an advantage for Coral Gables businesses. In fact, it has encouraged entrepreneurs to open a new business in Coral Gables as well. This construction project has cost about $21.6 million and has transformed the entire downtown area, including Ponce de Leon Boulevard, into a fresh look that should attract more local and visiting traffic. With the project ending, it will mean great things for the local businesses that have waited the last 18 months as the construction was completed in half-block increments.

What Was Done?

The Coral Gables area was in dire need of an updated look to help attract new people to the area and to improve the value to residents who were already living there. To help improve the flow of foot traffic, the sidewalks were widened, allowing people to easily stop in front of the Coral Gables businesses and still leave plenty of room for others to pass by in either direction. The wider sidewalks also have made it easier for restaurants to provide outdoor dining options to their patrons. The streets no longer offer angled parking, only parallel parking, and the streets have been resurfaced. For those who prefer not to park on their own, a centralized valet parking service has been established. A new drainage system that will help eliminate street flooding to improve the experience during periods of rain.

A New Take on the Miracle Mile

Keeping up with what customers want and need is critical in order for businesses to succeed. With the new facelift and redesign project for Ponce de Leon Boulevard and the blocks surrounding it, the area has become more appealing for people to open a new business in Coral Gables. While some businesses manage to thrive in just about any environment, positioning your business in a fresh, new atmosphere can attract new customers and keep your old ones coming back. All businesses were able to remain open during the construction project and are now reaping the benefits.

The Miracle Mile has long been an important business center in Coral Gables. With a large number of Coral Gables businesses located here, a facelift was much needed to help promote commerce and improve tourism in the area. Once that construction is complete, both old and new businesses will see increased revenue and more traffic to support their businesses.