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How web design can influence a student enrollment decision

How web design can influence a student enrollment decision

According to a 2005 study by MarketingProfs, online searchers spent approximately two seconds viewing a listing. This figure subsequently dropped to 1.17 seconds in 2014. Notably, this is attributed to how willing an individual is to go through a website with particular designs or styles. It is no different when a student is looking for school enrollment. Here are a few insights into how web design for schools can influence student enrollment.

Subtle messaging and communication

Your website’s structure, color, and theme pass a particular message to the student. Most experts will consider color psychology when designing a website, ensuring that potential students make logical decisions in the long run. Often, you’ll prioritize a color that matches your brand. Yet, at the same time, you have to add a color that evokes particular emotions in the potential student, triggering them to finish their applications.

An excellent expert on web design for schools will ensure you get the right color mix. For instance, they will consider blue to highlight calmness, stability, trustworthiness, and loyalty. On the other hand, red is an excellent choice for indicating power, passion, intensity, and strength. Unless you choose a color that effectively communicates what you can offer your potential students, the enrollment rate will not increase.

User friendliness

Various aspects will often determine the user-friendliness of your website. There is a higher chance of an excellent student conversion rate if the website is significantly friendly. An excellent web design guarantees seamless navigation and a straightforward interface. This design ensures that the user spends the least amount of time learning to navigate the site or identifying icons.

Further, the site must be responsive and mobile-friendly. This design allows individuals to peruse the website effortlessly, regardless of the devices they use. It must allow texts and images to reformat or resize automatically, enhancing readability and correct spacing. Most potential students will look at your content that is scannable and consistent. Easily scannable and consistent structures can significantly lower the bounce rate, boosting the eventual conversion rate.

Tone and rand voice

Your website is a reflection of what your school offers. Investing in ideal web design for schools will help you to establish authority. An authoritative web design attracts students instantly, guaranteeing better enrolment rates in the long run.

You must have a reliable web design expert to boost student enrollment decisions. If you are looking for incredible expertise, reach out to us today at Ibis Studio for exceptional services!