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How to rank your private school higher on Google

SEO for private schools

According to a recent survey by, about 68% of parents begin their search for a private school online. Local private schools that have an SEO strategy in place are ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). How can you move your school up the ranking list to ensure you are reaching your target audience? Consider the following tips.

Rank on Google

SERP refers to what page your website appears on when a user initiates a search for local private schools. According to Backlinko, only 0.78% of users ever make it to the second page of results; the rest will click on the first page of results. Therefore, it’s imperative that your school gets on the first page of the results, so users find your school.

Google search results are responsible for 92.96% of global website traffic, according to Sparktoro. In other words, if your school is not highly ranked on Google, parents looking for local private schools like yours won’t find you.

Optimize your website for local searches using local keywords

Local searches make up about 46% of all online searches, according to HubSpot. Optimizing your website by using local keywords can improve your website’s ranking. Local keyword searches can help users find local private schools. Local keywords are geographical tags included in the content. For example, instead of “Braum is the best private school,’ local optimization would be “best private school in Manhattan.’

Keep your NAP information up to date

The business name, address, and phone number are referred to as NAP in the digital marketing industry. The accuracy of this information is a must if you want to gain traction with Google searches. Periodically check to ensure your private school’s NAP information is accurate. If users report information that is incorrect, it will lower your ranking.

Create business profiles on search engines

Google offers an option to create a business profile. Create a business profile for your school, but do not stop with Google. Create a profile on Yelp and other third-party listing sites as well. The more traffic that you can attract, the better your rankings will be.

Get professional assistance

Local private schools that get professional support with their digital marketing rank better. About $103 billion is spent on social media, search and email marketing, according to Business2Community. It is expected that the number will grow by about 12% every year. Why? Because professional digital marketing gets results!

Ranking well on Google takes a multi-layered approach. Get the support you need to improve your ranking on Google by contacting IBIS Studio today!


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