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How To Get Customers For Your Art Gallery

art gallery marketingAn art gallery can use both face-to-face marketing and social media to attract new customers. A website and social media are a way to attract customers to visit the art gallery. Photos and videos are a way to show the creative work and artists that you represent. Having exhibitions, classes, and special events are another way to attract new customers and have art gallery marketing.

Use a Well Designed Website and Social Media

Your art gallery can have an attractive, easy-to-use website that promotes your art gallery and artists. Some websites sell art online that the art gallery displays. Photos and videos can be a way to market the work that you have at the gallery. Writing blogs or content about your artists and their work will explain the theme or message the artist wants to convey. Creating a brand or theme for your gallery is a way to stand out from the crowd.

Link your website to social media, like Facebook and Instagram. You can post photos of exhibits, classes, and new artists regularly. Instagram is a photo and video sharing network designed for art galleries. Good quality photos are important, so hire a professional to take photos and videos of your gallery. Even setting up an online shopping cart is a great way to utilize art gallery marketing. Be sure your website is optimized for mobile users because most people use cell phones today.

Exhibition and Classes

Have regular art exhibits with themes and advertise them on your website and social media. Customers like to come to an art gallery and see the artwork, sculptures, photography with a theme or message. Plan art shows around a special theme: local outdoor scenes, landscapes, history, abstract or fine art. Advertise your exhibition on Facebook and other social media channels. Print a brochure or flyer to make available for those that attend the exhibition. Special events and classes are a good way to use art gallery marketing.

Cross-channel marketing is a good way to promote an art show. Advertise it on your website and social media. Design a poster and hang it in local community libraries, supermarkets, and community centers. You are using different channels to market your art gallery show. In a survey, 73% of those taking it said that cross-channel marketing interaction has a big influence on conversion or getting new customers.

Try to reach your target audience using the right social media and marketing channels. Art gallery marketing should use face-to-face marketing and social media.