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How to Attract Parents to Your Daycare – Marketing Tips

You already have an amazing daycare but you are looking for more kids to help fill it. You need to let parents know what you have to offer. Marketing will help you stand out from other childcare facilities and increase your enrollment numbers. What are the best ways to do this? Here are four proven strategies that work for marketing a daycare.

marketing a daycare

Create a Website

Creating a website is an inexpensive way to market your services to parents. Parents who go online to find daycare centers in their local area will be able to easily find you. You will need to pay for a domain name and hosting, but you can get these for relatively cheap. There are also free already made templates you can use. Be sure to include an About Us page that highlights your educational background, the services you offer, and contact information.

Promote On Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way of marketing a daycare. Nearly two-thirds of marketers stated that the most important platform is Facebook, according to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This is an excellent platform to reach the parents you seek to serve. You can post interesting pictures of your facility, post special offers, and more. You can answer questions, respond to comments, and show off your unique personality.

Hold An Open House

Holding an open house once or twice a year gives parents the ability to take a tour of your facility. Invite the public to your daycare for a fun activity like a BBQ. You will want to have this event scheduled for when your center will be closed. You can also invite parents who are interested in visiting while the daycare is in full swing to see how things work.

Leverage Your Reputation

You can leverage your reputation by encouraging the parents you already serve to post reviews and testimonials online. You can also offer discounts to parents who get other families to sign up for your services. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful. Parents are more likely to use your services when other parents they know highly recommend it.

Promoting your business takes hard work and persistence. You can help parents find you through creating an online presence and holding special events. Any way you can get parents to interact with you will increase their level of trust in your daycare. This will make it more likely to choose you over other competitors. Using these strategies for marketing a daycare will help you focus on doing what you do best: taking care of the kids you serve!

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