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How does having videos on my website help my business marketing efforts?

Building a successful website requires more than evergreen content and outgoing links. To truly succeed, you will need to develop your brand. In 2017 alone, approximately 81% of all marketers stated that they spend time optimizing social media videos for mobile use, according to Marketing Dive. The use of media on desktop and mobile has skyrocketed and has been quickly becoming the most popular format of media today. Using videos on your website can improve your business marketing efforts dramatically, which can result in higher click-through rates, more followers, and ultimately, an increase in revenue generation. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Increased engagement

Using digital media is one of the best methods of increasing overall engagement with potential customers. Videos have the highest engagement rates out of all forms of all publishing today, including print banners, animated GIFs, and text links. It helps you connect with users in rapid time and provide them with information or brand promotions in just a few seconds. Additionally, using video is a great way to incorporate colorful and attractive visuals, which also help to boost your brand’s overall online visibility.

Increase web and social traffic

If your business marketing strategy goal is to increase your website’s traffic, then why not use video media? It’s often much more engaging than traditional advertisements, and it can help redirect traffic to websites and social media pages with just the click of a button. The more engaging an advertisement is, the easier it is to redirect traffic to your website or even your online eCommerce store.

Connect with followers

You can also use videos to connect with followers on a personal level and showcase what it’s like at your business, who works for your business, and to promote loyal customers and fans. By sharing more personal experiences at the office, your customers will trust you and your products more since they will be able to get to know your team better.

Establish a professional image for your brand

Marketing through film can help with establishing your brand in any industry with your official logo and preferred color schemes. Establishing a professional image for your brand is much easier in a shorter amount of time with the use of marketing.

Anyone who has an interest in business marketing should consider different techniques for their website and online presence. With the right creativity, you can develop a winning business strategy that is sure to outperform existing and upcoming competitors, online and off. Are you thinking of using videos to market your site? We can help. Visit our official website to learn more about our services today.

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