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How Does Google Understand Online Text?

Words and text are one crucial element when it comes to SEO, not only for users but also for Google and other search engines. It seems as if Google has a brain of its own since it actually analyzes and understands the text. After all, one of the most important tasks for Google is matching what any user types into the search bar with a relevant result. In this post, we’ll give you some interesting insight on how Google analyzes online text.

Word Embedding

Just like the word itself mentions, word embedding is basically mapping or finding out what words are closely related to one another. This technique works after a computer has been given a certain amount of text, then it analyzes them to determine which words appear together. The mapping part comes once words are sort of translated into numbers, in order to allow the words to be represented as a point in a diagram. Imagine it being like a graph where numbers are aligned, searching for the word “copywriting” would be closer to the word “keyword”  than to “cleaning tools”.

Related Entities

This is a database that stores concepts or entities. The related entities patent that Google has actually mentions the related entities index database. By analyzing the characteristics of entities, they can later be grouped in different ways. This allows Google to better understand how words are related, and, in consequence, to better understand the context.

Introducing MUM 

Google introduced a new language model known as MUM. Which is supposed to be 1000 times more powerful than BERT, an earlier language model that could understand text. MUM can read text and understand its meaning with deeper knowledge about the subject, get insights from more than 75 languages and answer complex search queries.

Google has taken big steps when it comes to analyzing text. And learning about this is actually a foundation in understanding how to go along with the algorithm for successful SEO results. At Ibis Studio we are always on the same page with current news and tendencies surrounding Google’s algorithm in order to provide you with the best SEO services and results for your business.