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How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Instagram Account with these 3 Tips

Creating a business Instagram account can create you brand awareness, increase the number of potential customers and increase your sales. But first you must know how to properly use and manage your business account to take full advantage of the powerful tools Instagram provides. Here are a few ways in which you can properly use these tools.


1. Humanize Your Business with Instagram Stories

Instagram has always been used to showcase the best quality photos of a certain brand, business or blog. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, introduces a whole new ballgame.

Content shared through Stories doesn’t have to be professionally shot or edited, but don’t worry it vanish after 24 hours. These pictures, short clips and boomerangs fill in the blanks about what your business day-to-day life looks like. Stories humanize your business and allow your customers to create deeper connects in a more personal way.

Instagram Stories are also good for testing. Since stories are only available for 24 hours, you can tests what works and what doesn’t before investing in new projects.


2. Gain Exposure with Instagram Live

Instagram Live should be used as a complete different tool than Stories or regular Instagram. Content such as behind the scenes is good material for Stories but it might not be impressive enough for Instagram Live.

Use this tool to invite influencers such as bloggers, spokespeople and celebrities for a “take over” of your business’ Instagram Live. This will attract their loyal fans to your business account and increase your number of followers as well as your engagement rate. It will also allow your business to connect with potential customers or strengthen your connection with current followers.

To take full advantage of Instagram Live, make sure you use it during hours were your target audience is on the app. Remember, if your business account gets enough watchers, you can be featured in the Top Live section on Explore and engage with a way broader audience, even outside your target market.


3. Encourage Interaction with the Zoom Feature

Instagram finally addressed a common complain by users: zooming. The Zoom feature allows users to zoom on photos on their feed, on profiles and on Explore. This feature is excellent for generating interest, encouraging interaction and displaying details.

Encourage interaction by asking your followers to explore different areas of a photo by zooming in and finding the hidden message. This could lead to a CTA or just provide simple entertainment.

Generate interest by giving exclusive sneak peeks of what is next in your business plan. Provide your followers with clues that can only be found by zooming in.

These are just a few of several ways in which your Instagram account can leverage your business in ways in which no other social media platform can. The key is to learn how to properly use each tool, in order to take the uttermost advantage of your business Instagram account.

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