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Celebrating the entrepreneur in every mom

If you are either a mother or a small business owner then you know about early mornings, sleepless nights, and weekdays that blur into weekends and back into weekdays. But every mother is an entrepreneur, regardless of owning a business, working for someone else, or being a full-time mom. That’s why this Mother’s Day we celebrate the entrepreneur in every mom, here’s why!

Top-notch negotiation skills

Let’s face it, mothers are some of the most effective negotiators in the world. They can convince a five-year-old to eat his vegetables or keep his shirt on at the dinner table. But entrepreneurs also know the importance of good negotiating to the success of their business.

Collaboration, crowdsourcing, and networking

As a business owner, your ability to crowdsource and network is critical. The same goes for mothers, as they are used to asking friends, family, even strangers for help and advice — and they also have the instinct to share their experiences with other moms. As an entrepreneur and mother, it’s always important to be resourceful and break into the market with minimal resources, and many times this includes having connections and collaborating with others.

You adapt constantly 

Moms need to constantly adapt to what’s working and what doesn’t, and chart their course accordingly. As a mother, your kid goes through many stages as a newborn, toddler, tween, and teen. This means that what used to work when they were 5 won’t work when they are 13. The same goes for entrepreneurs as clients are different and tendencies are also changing.

High expectations

Entrepreneurs tend to sometimes compare themselves with the latest overnight success story and moms never quite live up to the expectations set by Martha Stewart, or the legend of the modern woman who “has it all.” You might have learned by now, that to thrive as either a mother or an entrepreneur, you need to stop trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. One person can’t do it all both in the family and workplace. Once you ask for help when you need it, embrace your limitations, and focus on what matters, that’s when everything starts falling into place.

No matter what mothers keep being a source of care, inspiration, and hope in this world. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and entrepreneurs, you are one of the most resourceful, creative, brilliant forces on the planet.

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