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7 tips to prepare your business for 2022

Another year affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end. But, as 2022 approaches with new opportunities, and changes in society and the market, it’s time to respond, adapt and prepare your business’s strategy. Here are some tips to be business-ready for the upcoming year. 

1. Complete your digital transformation

With the pandemic and the reopening of the economy in 2021, many businesses paused their digital transitions for the time. Despite all uncertainties, the one certain thing is that the future will happen online. Virtual communication, hybrid working and digital commerce have been front and center of most companies’ business strategies. Instead of halting digital transformations, your business should accelerate its approach for 2022. 

2. Adjust to new social media practices

It’s no news that social media usage is growing across all platforms. As users evolve, posting traditional content will not be enough. You’ll need to adjust to new social media trends and practices. Perhaps looking more into Youtube or Tiktok content will boost higher engagement. 

3. Get real about your website

Websites nowadays are 24/7 salespeople. They should address an effective solution to customers and not only address issues. Make it user-friendly in a way that customers can easily take action. Guide them to booking pages or contact forms, provide them with webchat or have an online purchasing page. Make sure your website provides an interactive experience and update it regularly. 

4. SEO to boost sales

Everything can change, but Google is here to stay. This worldwide search engine is becoming more and more important each year. The right SEO marketing strategy will increase the amount of organic traffic to your page. As a result, this will help boost your sales since you’ll have more prospective buyers that end up on your page.

5. Talk to your customers

Observing and talking to your customers is not a one-time strategy. Their behaviors and experiences change, especially with the pandemic. Buying cycles may be slower, or even internal operations can change as they did now by going mainly digitally for the last months. It’s a good idea to meet their needs by finding out what they’re worried or excited about, what is their main concern at the moment. Be upfront by asking them specifically what they’d like to see from your business in the coming year. 

6. Set short-term sales strategies 

Leaning too heavily on a long-term process to get something going right now will hinder opportunities. Instead, brainstorm some effective short-term ways to capture sales and resist the urge to overcomplicate strategies. Not everything needs a three-month evaluation cycle for implementation, and success in the long term can result out in short-term actions. 

7. Think global, stay local. 

Doing business across borders is becoming easier. But with COVID, travel and international shipping have become slow. Therefore, it’s vital not to abandon your local operations for the moment. Instead, continue to nurture existing customer relationships and always be aware of the right time to expand further afield.

It’s important to be on top of new trends in your industry and to partner with the right people to help your business prepare for a new year and expand. At IBIS, we offer a wide range of digital marketing strategies that will guarantee your business a boost in customer engagement, ranking on search engines, and above all, an increase in sales. Contact us today to learn more. 

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