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5 reasons why your business website must be mobile-friendly

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While the internet began on computers, about 50% of mobile phone owners use their smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet, according to Pew Research Center. This makes mobile design exceedingly important for business websites. Here are five reasons why social media marketing companies design mobile-friendly websites.

1. Mobile Traffic

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and more powerful, which is why so many people use smartphones to browse the internet. When you’re designing a business website, you should always design for mobile users because that’s where the majority of your traffic likely comes from.

2. Readability

Reading text on smartphones is tough for many people, so you should design for mobile readability. You can do this by using a responsive site design that adapts to different devices, screen sizes, and operating systems. Remember, if visitors can’t read your website, all the effort you put into creating quality content will be for naught.

3. Usability

Mobile phones and computers are very different, so social media marketing companies and web designers also focus on usability for mobile devices. For example, PC users can hover over a dropdown navigation menu to select an option, while mobile users have to tap to open that same menu. Understanding the differences in how computers and mobile phones are used is a key part of web design.

4. Load Times

Flash videos and rich design were all the rage decades ago, but modern web design is largely focused on reducing load times and making websites feel snappy. Because mobile phones are typically less powerful than computers, reducing load times is even more important with mobile website design.

5. Consistency

Your website may look entirely different on a mobile phone than it does on a computer. Ideally, you want to design your website so that it’s consistent across multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems. Consistency helps prevent confusion when visitors load up your mobile site for the first time.

From web designers to social media marketing companies, getting help from the right people is vital when you’re building a website. Your business website should be pretty, fast, and compatible with various devices. If you’re designing a business website, keep these five reasons in mind and make sure you design for mobile users.