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4 Engagement tips for your business social media

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Are you struggling to engage audience members on your business social media channels? Many businesses focus on building the size of their audience but fall short when it comes to charming them. According to SalesForce Marketing Cloud, about 83% of consumers surveyed report they “like” or “love” when a company responds via social media. If your corporation is falling short regarding engagement, then these four tips from a trusted social media agency can help.

1. Use the right tools

The days of logging into your business Facebook page, posting, and logging back out, are over. Today, there are tools that you should have onboard to manage your social media channel. Many business owners leave their social media management up to a professional social media agency because they don’t have the time or the software to manage it well.

There are many applications that can help create professional content for audience appeal. However, there is a learning curve to using these programs and will require a time investment, which is why trusting an experienced team is a better option.

2. Create engagement worthy content

If you want to engage your audience on your business social media, then you must post content that’s worthy of pleasing. Charm-worthy posts will get people’s attention and prompt them to comment. A poll, a video, and information your audience will find interesting are all materials that can win over your audience.

3. Be responsive

Responding to your audience is the basis of appealing to your audience. Commenting back is an opportunity to attract and get to know your audience better. Don’t let comments or questions sit for too long, especially since everyone who visits your website is a potential customer.

4. Make your presence known

There should be two to three daily posts per channel from your business. You don’t want to over-post, but you don’t want to under-post, either. There is also the best time of day to share new content, which is recommended between one and three in the afternoon.

It can be difficult to manage social channels and pay attention to your core responsibilities. A social media agency team can take some of the workload off. Learn how an experienced team can improve engagement and the number of followers for your business today by getting in touch with us!