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3 Secrets for WordPress Success

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As all digital marketing agencies are aware, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. While the service makes it easier than ever to design a top quality, high-performance website, there are steps you can take to maximize your site’s success.

Know what services you need

It may sound obvious, but a large number of WordPress users start a website without a precise idea of which services are essential and which would be a waste of money. New users will be barraged with an array of offers, many of which may sound vital. However, this is largely contingent on the user’s precise needs. A simple blog can be hosted by WordPress for free — you will still have a variety of customizable design elements available. However, if you plan on using your website for a number of years and need extra plugins, e-commerce tools, or other specific options, a paid plan with a fully custom domain may be appropriate.

Keep up to date

Updates can feel like an unnecessary waste of time — if the site is working properly, why should it need fixing?What you may not realize is that these updates fix more subtle problems. While there may not be any immediate consequences, an out-of-date site can end up at risk for information leaks and other cyber security weaknesses. In addition to these vulnerabilities, out-of-date sites can suffer from slower speeds, hindering the user experience and more. As we will discuss below, a responsive site is crucial for a number of reasons.

Make sure your site is mobile friendly

With half of all mobile phone owners using their device as their primary source of connection to the internet, responsive web design is more vital than ever. While all built-in WordPress themes are optimized to function across all platforms, older third-party themes that have not recently been updated may not perform well when accessed from a mobile device. This is an issue which should be resolved as soon as possible, as poor mobile performance has implications beyond a slow experience for cell phone users. Experts at search engine optimization companies will tell you that Google actually prioritizes websites with responsive web design. Unresponsive design means lower search rankings, fewer clicks, less traffic.

Making a successful WordPress site is within reach for anyone, but there are certain steps you must take. Digital marketing agencies can help you with these strategies and much, much more.