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3 new social media trends to watch for this year 

The global social media boom of today is becoming stronger and stronger each day. Today, there’s a variety of networks causing waves amongst marketers and brands. Take for example TikTok or YouTube, which have refined their formats to focus on video content in 2022. The number of social media users will grow to a whopping 4.4 billion in 2025. All of this means there are many doors opened to get your content and brand in front of more audiences. As social media’s boom keeps on growing there is a huge opportunity for organic search and paid search advertising. Keep reading to discover the top 3 trends to watch and plan for this year.

1.TikTok marketing

You are probably well aware of this new and very popular platform. But, are you using it in your marketing activities?  Ignoring TikTok could be a huge mistake in 2022. TikTok was the most downloaded free app, according to Apple’s App Store Awards 2021. A big thing to note is that users are also spending money on this platform, which has made the network’s revenue jump to $535 million in 2021.  Marketers believe TikTok is not just a  passing trend, it’s become a really interesting way of reaching a young audience very quickly, with a minimal budget. There are a lot of opportunities here, especially with TikTok Shopping coming online properly with Shopify in 2022.

2. YouTube advertising

YouTube presents huge opportunities for marketers looking to drive brand awareness. During the last quarter of 2021, YouTube’s ad revenue went up by 26 percent to $8.6 billion compared to the previous quarter. According to CEO, Susan Wojcicki, 2022 will test new ways for creators to make money through branded content deals and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). YouTube used to be about brand awareness, but Google has invested heavily in helping people use it to drive action. A lot of retailers have had enormous success using YouTube to drive sales. Now there are lots of tools that Google provides that allow businesses to quickly build video assets to use as in-stream ads. Don’t let your inexperience in creating video content put you off YouTube. Start creating a YouTube marketing strategy soon!

3. Instagram video creation will explode

In 2021 Instagram announced they were going to lean into more video-based content. They kept their word by introducing developments in the app, including Reels and the integration of IGTV. This was a reaction to Instagram noticing how audiences respond well to video content and being aware of other video-sharing competitors such as TikTok. The app is experimenting with new video formats such as making stories longer and also converting story highlights into Reels clips. If you’re thinking about your Instagram strategy for 2022, you need to think about integrating more videos, Reels, stories, and GIFs into your Instagram feed.

Exciting new developments in platforms like YouTube and TikTok present new opportunities for video content and advertising. Now’s the time to act on some of these social media marketing trends to ensure that you get the most from your social activities in 2022.