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3 New Social Media Platforms To Keep An Eye For In 2021

Social media has become a tool we can’t survive without as is an essential piece of human interaction and connection. As it evolves, social media promises to stay for long especially with its latest trends. These are the three new social media platforms you should watch out for in 2021.


Live streaming, reinvented. Caffeine is a live stream platform that groups entertainers, gamers, and athletes in one place. It was created by former Apple designers in 2018 but began reaching popularity throughout 2020. It allows users to share real-time live streams with friends and followers and broadcast video games directly from the computer or TV screen. All interactions are natural as if the participants are in the same room.


Clubhouse is a social network that gathers people of the same field under separate conversation topics. Users get notified of the rooms where audio conversations occur by following any of the available topics. The platform went viral due to Elon Musk’s interaction with it. Clubhouse reached 2.2 million downloads in 2021.


EduDo is a social learning platform. Designed for those ready to be better and skillful in any sphere, from food to technologies. The app links people who want to share their knowledge with those ready to grasp it. EduDo wants to provide a  new learning experience for everyone. People can share their insights on topics like art, culture, business, tech, math, etc.

Online tools are a fundamental part of our lives, being without them means losing touch with humanity. Either for casual, formal, or professional reasons social media is almost like a new basic need. It is important to be aware of new trends, platforms, and news in order to go with the wave and get on board with the opportunities it could open to you and your business.