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New and Improved: Google My Business

Upon the arrival of Google+ Local, many small business owners who were attempting to manage their Google local listings finally had to admit defeat. Local listings management has never been easy, but it seems that Google has done more to complicate matters than fix them. The new Google My Business product looks like a big improvement. According to Google: If [...]

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Team Social Media

Social media can be the perfect spot for small business owners to communicate with customers and attract the attention of prospective customers.Click here to read “Nine Small Business Social Media Success Stories.” Many small business owners have neither the time nor the inclination to become fluent in the language and etiquette of social media. Even those who [...]

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What Customers are Looking For in a Website

With the rise of the internet over the last few decades, it has now become more important than ever to provide a quality online experience in order to appeal to customers. For example, research shows that consumers typically only wait four to 20 seconds for a web page to load. Likewise, an estimated 50% of [...]

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Social Media Marketing: Facebook Video Ads for Small Budgets

In December 2013, Facebook released Premium Video Ads, “designed for advertisers who want to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion. Each 15-second video ad will start playing without sound as it appears on screen and stop if people scroll past.” Nice…but not affordable for small businesses. Facebook video ads no longer require a Fortune 500 [...]

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Online Advertising

Online Advertising: …Just about Everything Else is Fair Game

In 2006, CBS placed laser imprints of its logo and logos for some of its shows on 35 million eggs with slogans like “Crack the case on CBS” (for the show CSI) and “Scramble to win on CBS” (The Amazing Race). New Zealand clothing store Suprette put indented plates on bus stop, mall, and park benches, so that when people [...]

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Magazines Look for New Ways to Stay Afloat

Until recently, most magazine publishers refused to place ads on a magazine’s cover. According to Adage.com, “The industry’s major players have until now almost entirely resisted pressure to sell cover ads… the real estate is thought of as the editor’s first and best statement to readers, one that should be presented without interference from an ad. [...]

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What Do Customers Know?

According to a recent study by Bunnyfoot (a usability and user experience design firm), an estimated one-third of people who use Google Search don’t recognize the difference between a paid ad and an organic result. In other words, a significant number of people think the item at the top of the page is there because it’s the [...]

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Instant Attraction (Because you May Not Get a Second Chance)

Online marketing is a great and necessary investment, but so is your website. According to a study by Missouri University of Science and Technology, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression of a website. With so little time to make a good first impression, it’s important that your website: Has a crystal [...]

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PPC Campaigns Management: Bad Ads

PPC Campaigns: Google, Facebook, Twitter and AOL have joined together to launch TrustInAds.org, with the mission to keep the user experience positive for everyone on the web and keep ads safe. From the TrustInAds website: …There are scammers that try to “game the system” to find ways to exploit consumers by getting harmful and deceptive ads published [...]

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How These Custom Web Design Trends Can Make Your Site Pop

If you run a business, you know the importance of having a strong presence on the web. Additionally, if you want customers and clients to choose your business over the competition, having a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website is key. Even part of your ranking in Google is determined by how well your website is designed. [...]

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